About Sumy City

About Sumy CitySumy is a Ukrainian city located on the Psel River banks. Sumy is the capital of Sumy Oblast, situated in the North-East of Ukraine. The population of the city is around 300 000 people.
Sumy was primarily a town founded by the Cossacks in 1652, who migrated there from the right bank of Dnieper River. At that time the town served as a bulwark against Tatar invasions. The city withstood every attempt to destroy it. With time, Sumy grew in size. The earliest architectural monument that survived till present day is Voskresenskaya Church. This church served as the religious and defensive structure.

In the end of the 18th century Sumy was turned into a trade and handicrafts center. The caused by this prosperity changed the city dramatically; new buildings and houses were built. Some of them were preserved since the present time.

During the World War II, German occupation (1941-1943) Sumy underwent a heavy damage. When the war ended the destroyed parts f the city were rebuilt. Since 1990 Sumy was considered a twin city to Celle in Germany. Before 2006 Sumy was divided in two parts known as Kovpak and Zarichny.

Today on the territory of Sumy reside 79 % of Ukrainians, 20% of Russians and 1% of other ethnicities. The major part of Sumy residents are Christians (Orthodox, Protestants and Catholics), there is also a Jewish minority.

As Sumy is situated in North-Eastern part of Ukraine, its climate is moderate continental with hot summers and cold snowy winters.

The sights of the city include: the Blessed Virgin Mary Annunciation Church, built in 1901; the large Saviour’s Transfiguration cathedral, reconstructed in 1858; the Resurrection Church, built in 1702 and representing the oldest structure in the city; St. Pantaleon’s Monastery Cathedral, erected in 1911and designed by Aleksey Shchusev.

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