Find your future soul mate at Kazan marriage agency in 2017

Hello everyone, my name is John and I want to tell you the story about my wife and me. Actually, both of us registered on the site It was the most popular Kazan Marriage agency. I was looking for serious relationship and my future wife was looking for love. After couple of weeks of daily correspondence we decided to go on the first date.

It was really important day! After long nights at the computer, the busiest telephone conversations and the constant exchange of letters, I was sitting in a café and looking forward to the Marina. I had already seen her picture, but often people in the photo looked very different than in real life. Perhaps all the talks with Marina were so exciting because under the guise of the Internet both felt more confident.

The time came for the first date. Of course, I came a little before the appointed time, and Marina, as befitted for the lady, was delayed slightly. I was all tense and looked at the door waiting for: every time it opened, I winced. But suddenly I thought: “Stop! Is that the first impression I want to make on Marina? I have to have a deep breath several times and think about how Marina accepts me in the first few minutes of conversation”. Then I reminded all advices that I found on the site.

Body Language. Posture, facial expressions and gestures define how we are perceived by others. It is scientifically proven that a healthy self-confidence is the key to success in many spheres of life. Confident, not arrogant or indecisive person, make the impression of attractive, successful and nice people. Therefore, at the first meeting with a stranger, you should not make an impression of timidity or arrogance.

Think of a situation when you had to deal with a person, who is not very self-confident and indecisive. While timidity and shyness of children often causes tenderness, quiet and indecisive adults often give the impression of uncertain or even incompetent people. Shyness can also be interpreted as a lack of interest. It is also better to avoid on a first date.

Chilling shyness - is one more feature, which should be avoided. The other extreme is arrogance. Many people hide behind arrogance fear or uncertainty. But, in real, it is difficult to understand what is really going on inside us.

Pay attention to body language. You can unwittingly give the impression of a proud man, for example, through a raised or extended and gazed chin. Try to avoid this. And, of course, smile! After all, a smile always is positively perceived by other people.

When Marina came into the café, I didn’t know how to behave properly. On the one hand, I did not want to look too excited, on the other hand - too cold. I thought: “Ignoring Marina with feigned calmness would be cruel. Jump to her feet and waving arms, shouting "Hello!" is too silly. How to find the right balance between calmness and increased nervousness, to look attractive and open, but at the same time does not seem naive, confused or stupid?”. So, I thought a little and found out the right decision. As I knew, according to research in the field  of communicational psychology, easy and discreet nod and friendly gesture make a positive impression and attract attention of another person. I just easily touched her hand and greeted her by name. This touch was not intrusive, and at the same time helping to make contact with Marina and established relations. That was the first step, lately I felt as if I had being known this wonderful lady my whole life. Our first date was fateful…

Now I can say that I’m the happiest man ever, this website, this girl and all the advice have changed my life for better!

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