Sumy Accommodation (hotels, apartments)

Sumy AccommodationIf you are planning to travel to Sumy, you have a great choice of accommodations there: hotels, hostels, motels, apartments and even rooms are at your disposal. You only need to choose what works the best for you and what accommodations you can afford. The prices in Sumy are reasonable and one can find a place to stay for every wallet.

Khimik Hotel located at Pselska Street, 14 represents a comfortable quiet hotel close to the center of Sumy in a park area. Its comfortable rooms and convenient location make Khimik Hotel the most attractive in Sumy. The staff and conditions of the hotel correspond to European standards.

Pansio represents a two-storied private residence and is located 10-minutes walk from the business center. Together with its closeness to the central part of Sumy, the hotel is situated in ecological private sector in a cozy place, far from the city fuss.

Zdybanka Hotel, located at 7/1 Zalyvna Street, on Psel river bank, is filled with European comfort and meets all modern requirements. Restaurants of Ukrainian and European cuisine will satisfy the taste of the most demanding gourmet.

Jubilejnaya Hotel is a modern luxury hotel located in the center of Sumy. It was designed to meet visitors’ need for comfort and luxury. The hotel is just in 100 meters distance from the railway station. Courteous staff, business center, meeting room, beauty salon, recreation room and swimming pool, banquet rooms, bar and restaurant are at your disposal. The infrastructure of the hotel allows combining of business and pleasure during your stay in Sumy.

If you are looking for an apartment to stay during your visit, you can find hundreds of various apartments for rent in Sumy. Just use as search engine and it will bring you to the needed sites. However, you can also look for accommodation at Be sure there is a place to your liking there!


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